All ‘tolled’ – a great success!

The Balfron Toll Plaque in the little piazza opposite Balfron Library (corner of Spinner/Buchanan Streets) has now been refurbished and is looking great. Balfron Heritage Group successfully applied for a restoration grant from Clackmannanshire & Stirling Environment Trust which fully covered the cost of the work. The refurb was done by Graciela Ainsworth Sculpture Conservation – who had renovated Balfron War Memorial a few years ago. Thier attention to detail was meticulous! The plaque – originally erected by Balfron philanthropist Andrew Dow Griffen (by then in New Zealand) – had only one of its ‘rose’ screw-covers remaining. GASC used this a template to re-cast the full set which add that lovely finishing touch to the work. The necessary repairs to surrounding stonework was undertaken by locally-based John Currie Brick and Stonework while the plaque was at the foundry.