Centenary of Balfron’s Buses

Our thanks to long-term Balfron Heritage Group member Mary Bates for these photographs from the popular bus rides during the recent Bus Garage Open Day to celebrate 100 years of buses in Balfron.

The history of Balfron’s buses began in 1921 when RANKIN BROTHERS OMNIBUSES began their first service using converted former WWI vehicles. Probably the most well-known ‘country buses’ were the iconic Midland Bluebird with their Glasgow-Balfron-Stirling service as well as other local destinations. That legacy is now carried on by FirstBus who organised the very successful static displays and bus rides for the Open Day.

Another interesting and romatic memory displayed on the day came from former BHG secretary Doroth Simpson. Do you remember that when the numbers on your ticket added up to 21, you gave it to someone you ‘fancied’ to gauge if your feeling were reciprocated??

Balfron buses are a mainstay and important employer in the village and we wish them another happy hundred years!