Talks & Events 2019-2020 Season

All Thursdays – all 7.30pm in the McLintock Hall, Balfron, unless otherwise stated.

12th Sepember 2019
 Mary Bates
 From The Trossachs to The Ptarmigan … the sequel!
10th October 2019 Murray O’Donnell
 The History of Strathblane
14th November 2019  Donald Peddie
 The Blane Valley Railway
13th February 2020 James kennedy
 The Spanish Flu Epidemic of 1919
12th March 2020 
From SATURDAY 28th MARCH 2020 to 25th APRIL 2020 : BALFRON LIBRARY“BALFRON RADICALS EXHIBITION” (During normal Library hours)
SATURDAY 28th MARCH 2020 – Evening : Balfron CampusOpening Concert of the Balfron Radicals’ Festival. (Details of ‘big name’ headline act + ticket information early in New Year!)
9th April 2020 
14th May 2020 Richard Oram
 Cambuskenneth Abbey