Restart of Family History Workshops

As our first ‘toe-in-the-water’ post(?)-pandemic activity, Pat will be restarting her FREE Family History Workshops at Balfron Library on a NEW pre-booked, one-to-one basis by booking through the website e-mail at The first of these will be on Tuesdays 3rd, 17th and 31st May 2022 with slots at 14:00-14:45, 14:50-15:35 and 15:40-16:25. ALL PARTICIPANTS […]

All ‘tolled’ – a great success!

The Balfron Toll Plaque in the little piazza opposite Balfron Library (corner of Spinner/Buchanan Streets) has now been refurbished and is looking great. Balfron Heritage Group successfully applied for a restoration grant from Clackmannanshire & Stirling Environment Trust which fully covered the cost of the work. The refurb was done by Graciela Ainsworth Sculpture Conservation […]

Early History of the Parish of Balfron

Campbell Griffith has recently braved ditches, hills, woods and the vagaries of Scottish weather to take these wonderful photographs of sites from Balfron’s earliest history. We have arranged them from the east of the Parish near the Fintry-Kippen road to the Camoquhill lands of the west. We have protected their exact locations to avoid the […]