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This page shows from Timothy Pont’s maps of the 1580s-90s to Series 3 Ordnance Survey sheets of the 1920s. Most of the maps we have used have been supplied by and permission for use granted by the National Library of Scotland Map Room.

Balfron Parish is a long west-east strip of land approximately 8 miles (13km) by 2 miles (3.5km). It is bordered by the parishes of Drymen in the north and west, Buchlyvie to the north, Gargunnock on the eastern boundary and Fintry and Killearn along its southern edge.

Timothy Pont’s map of Scotland (c1583 – c1596) does not even show Balfron, but once we get used to its odd orientation (the Endrick [Ainrick] running from top left to bottom right of the map) we can pick out familiar landmarks like Balindalloch (sic), Kyltrochen (sic) Wood and Dunguin (sic) Hill. For an interactive version of Pont’s map of the whole area CLICK this link to the Pont page of the National Library  of Scotland map website and zoom and pan as you wish. 

Grassom’s map of 1817 (below) is much more like the subsequent Ordnance Survey maps and the road network to which we are accustomed today.

The three series of Ordnance Survey maps which follow take us from c1865 to c1927. For each of these, a small map of the village environs appears on the page, but clicking it will reveal a map showing a large area but smaller detail. The awkward position of Balfron on OS maps (usually on the join of four sheets) means that the larger area maps have had to be digitally ‘spliced’. We have not tried to ‘airbrush’ the page edges as page shrinkage. etc. on the original documents means that sheets will not exactly correspond. 

ORDNANCE SURVEY SERIES 1 c1865 – Map of Balfron

The 1865 map (above) gives us an excellent plan of Ballindalloch Cotton Works, its lade, tail-race and neighbouring ‘Field Bridge’ leading to Endrickfield printworks.

ORDNANCE SURVEY SERIES 2 c1900 – Map of Balfron

ORDNANCE SURVEY SERIES 3 c1927 – Map of Balfron

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